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In the heart of the Alcantara Valley, surrounded by a sublime and generous nature, the Company "LE TRE TERRE" of Sicily, brings to the families dishes with all the taste of authenticity and Sicilian culinary tradition. A family land, with all the love for their roots, which is the key to the success of a company that exports its products from the heart of Sicily to abroad. Belonging to the area of the Alcantara park is a further guarantee of quality.

In fact, every food, cultivated with respect for nature, arrives to the company and is processed within 24 hours. It will thus preserve its nutritional principles intact and maintain its organoleptic properties; a production at 0 km. In the realization of each product, tradition is combined with technology.

To respect the food safety parameters, after cooking, the foods are acidulated, pasteurized and monitored with special appliances. The Company produces various products in a protected atmosphere.

This quality is offered at highly competitive prices. The products of the company "LE TRE TERRE DI SICILIA”, bring back to the genuine tastes of the housewives of the past, at the time when everything was prepared without haste and cooking was an act of love.


A scrupulous recovery of the deep roots that represent Sicily and the introduction of new gastronomic and cultural elements, to ensure that the result keep up more and more with the times. A constant search for quality products, which used in traditional recipes and combined with new experiments, generate an original evolution between tradition and modernity.


The care of the details, the attention to the customer, the delicacy in revisiting the recipes of the past in proposing them in a modern key, the continuous search for a balanced meeting point between past and present, history and modernity, innovation and tradition, needs and inspiration ... man's creativity and much more, which simply points out the being present to oneself.


The contribution to environmental protection is remarkable, as the raw materials are produced near the company, at 0 km, make possible to shorten the supply chain and reduce CO2 emissions.