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At this precise moment, in which each person is called to do their part, we, as an agri-food company, with great sensitivity and delicacy, strong civic and social sense; we are aware that we are part of a sector that could make a significant contribution to supporting the restrictive measures adopted by the government, by contracting on the other hand, the inconvenience for families resulting from these restrictions.

In this regard, to reduce travel from home for food supply, thus decreasing the possibility of infection and spread of the virus; we provide our production chain, to the benefit of all those who need it, implementing shipments and reaching everyone at home.

We also invite all companies that deal with basic necessities and beyond, to adopt the same criterion with transparency and solidarity.

In fact, a coupon code has been created, NOICISIAMO, with which it is possible to buy on our e-commerce platform,, with a 20% discount and no shipping costs, which will be charged of our company, having the products delivered at home.

We are aware that our initiative cannot represent the solution to the Coronavirus problem, however we remain equally certain, that in moments like these, it is essential not to feel alone and hope, is that our attitude, in concert with that of the companies that will follow , will be able to relieve tension and anxiety, which physiologically triggers in emergency situations like this, from the point of view of food attitude.

Advice will also be given, to move towards smart spending, further reducing costs and promoting supplies to more people.