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Le Tre Terre di Sicilia

On the slopes of Etna, between Taormina, Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo, where the agricultural company "LE TRE TERRE DI SICILIA" is born. The name is inspired by the ancient division of Sicily into the three valleys (Val di Noto, Val di Mazara, Val Demone) and holds the professional ambitions of the Orlando family and their boundless love for their roots. Belonging to the park of the Alcantara (Mojo Alcantara), represents a further guarantee for the qualities attributed to this geographical area, rich in culinary excellence, positive historical-cultural contaminations, unmistakable smells and tastes and of an authentic heritage of recipes and procedures, handed down for generations.

A heritage, which finds its maximum exaltation, in a simple and specific concept, which respects the past and does not neglect present and future: "INNOVATION". The agricultural company "LE TRE TERRE" of Sicily, boasts the possibility of managing directly the whole production process, from the direct management of the raw materials to their transformation, from the formulation to the shipment of the finished product. It is reductive to think of agriculture as a simple production chain.

Agriculture is a unique way of life, the result of a strong sense of belonging to one's own land, which although passing through an intense process of production and transformation of raw materials, brings with it an exclusive emotion, a sensory journey into a local life experience and of those who live it.

This is what the Company really shares with its customers: "flavors, smells, memories, emotions and a small important part of itself". The company's mission is to provide, together with the products, correct information, thus spreading a specialized culture that can contribute to restore human values, in an eco-sustainable reality.